Wednesday, January 30, 2013

House Ralpar

Today's post is by Jerry Wargate, who regales us with the tales of the elf-lords of the Gnarley Forest...

First Son of Ralpar, Lord of the North Umber, Ruros was raised in the last light of the once majestic circle of elvish royalty. Pushing away the court scholars best efforts to educate and refine him, Ruros preferred the clash of steel and the weight of the armor to the proper etiquette and taboo of court.  A warrior prince by nature, Ruros felt no stranger to the labor of the guardsmen or the unceasing vigilance of the border watch.

As the years rolled by the King had other sons,  Ganth and Hamboné.  Ruros spent little of his life in the comfort of the court, and watched the growth of his brothers from afar.  He traveled often in secret to aid against danger where needed inside the Gnarley kingdom.

Receiving summons to his father's chambers, Ruros walked inside to find his father in an endless slumber, unable to waken from his dreams.  Chief advisors of magical power and the divinely blessed used their arts and blessings to no avail, unable to stir the King from his sleep.

The kingdom now is ruled by a Steward - Elgaldim, Second Consul of the North Umber. The King's body sustained magically, his subjects waiting with baited breath for the waking of their king.  The Brothers Ralpar adventure afar, losing Ruros’s sorrow in battle, searching for power to return home with.  Tragically, Hambone’ fell inside the Temple of Elemental Evil.  

The wrath of The Sons of Ralpar has been fired against the denizens of the evil temple.

No one knows why the Lord Ralpar has fallen into his magical slumber.  There are many theories, as the Lord of the North Umber in the Gnarley Forest has many enemies.  The Brothers' Ralpar, should they survive their clash with the forces of Elemental Evil, might be in a better position to investigate the matter.

No one knows if the Lord Ralpar can even be awoken, but there are a few leads to be followed.  In Greyhawk City, there are wizards who might be able to help with the answer.  In the Gnarley itself, the druids work to find the source of the evil power that has overcome the regent.

All in all, it is a dark day for the elves of the Gnarley Forest.  In the back of everyone's mind, they know something evil lurks deep in the woods...something that has designs on the lands of the North Umber.  Perhaps the brothers will be successful in finding some information, or some clue that leads them to the truth.  The remaining blood kin of Ralpar have a daunting quest - and that's after they clash with the forces of Elemental Evil...and whatever else Oerth might throw their way.