Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tha Newbz

The alarm was blaring.  It seemed to sound in perfect time with the throbbing headache felt by Jr. Lieutenant Kolchek.  Maybe it was the cause of his headache.  He opened his eyes and slowly looked around.  That's when the memory of the previous night came back into focus.  Today was his first day as an acting Jr. Lieutenant, he had previously been on leave for a week.  It had been his last night of freedom.  One last night with the boys.  Roon may have been a backwater planet with nothing of note for a young naval officer, but man did the cantina have some good drinks.

Jr. Lieutenant Kolchek made his way back to check in and met with his more or less sober crew.  Other than a headache that wouldn't quit and a bit of queasiness it seemed like it would be a good day.  That's when the call came in.  Security had been breached in the Omega Sector.  Reports confirmed three unidentified ships heading further into the restricted zone.  The 37th TIE Squadron, also known as Tha Newbz, had been dispatched.

"Alright gentleman, we have a protocol one procedure ahead.  Three unidentified ships have probably mistakenly passed by the Omega Checkpoint.  Hold all fire until my go and stay safe," Jr. Lieutenant Kolchek reported as he calmly piloted his new TIE Advanced.

"Affirmative," was the retort heard from the other two lance captains.

As the 37th approached the three unknowns the sensors indicated two X-Wings, and a YT-1300 were the three ships that had slipped past the checkpoint.  Nothing to worry about, just a freighter with it's escorts.

"Greetings traders, this is your friendly Imperial neighbors.  We noticed you headed in this direction and have come to ask you to turn around and proceed to the Omega Checkpoint.  You are in a restricted zone," Kolchek informed politely.

A loud and guttural sound reported back over the comm, "AagaAAggaaaghAAAgAAhhagh."

"Did anyone catch what that Wookie just said?"

Charlie Lance Captain Jenkins replied, "Uh... I know a bit of Shyriiwook.  I believe he said something about Khan Sulu and Duke Skybalker had a... uh... delivery for your mom."

"What?  Who the hell are those guys?"

"Never heard of them, sir."

"I repeat, this is a restricted area.  Please turn around now and proceed to the checkpoint."

"They just fired at us sir."

"All right boys, execute the alpha tango maneuver and stay focused."

The three lances of TIEs broke into formation with the Alpha Lance taking the lead on the port side.  Charlie Lance moved ahead on starboard and Bravo Lance, headed by the Jr. Lieutenant, moved along slowly assessing the situation.

Alpha Lance was the first to return fire with mixed results.  The fresh recruits had never actually fired at real live targets before.  Though they did remember to focus fire.  When Charlie Lance moved into position and fired they fortunately hit their target and damaged the X-Wing they were focused on.

Now the X-Wing Charlie Lance had fired on was leaking something out of it's starboard side and headed towards Bravo Lance.  Charlie Lance was told to refocus on the YT-1300 and dutifully obeyed.  Surely a bit of fire and these wayward traders would comply with the commands.  Surely they didn't want to get their ships damaged or worse get themselves killed.

Jr. Lieutenant Kolchek once again tried the comms, "Last warning, disengage from the combat and we will escort you to the checkpoint.  This is restricted air space."

Static proceeded the reply, "Yeeehaww! Die imperial scum!"  Two shots blasted into the side of the TIE Advanced knocking out the shields.  Kolchek gritted his teeth and prepared himself for battle.

The Alpha Lance pursued the X-Wing piloted by Skybalker and held their shots true.  Though the pilot seemed above average, his ship just couldn't quite take the onslaught and had to set down on the surface of the planet.  This apparently outraged whoever was piloting the YT-1300 and it broke into a fantastic display of piloting.

The remaining X-Wing had fired at the Alpha Lance knocking one of the TIE fighters out of commission.  Although it was now being pursued by the Alpha Lance.  The two TIE's left in Alpha fired like crazy and somehow managed not to hit anything.

The YT-1300 flew through the atmosphere of Roon as fast as it could straight towards Bravo Lance firing wildly and dodging many shots that seemed impossible.  It then flew past the Bravo Lance and flipped around completely ready to fire again.  By this time the Charlie Lance and Bravo Lance all had time to maneuver with clear lines of fire towards the larger ship.

The pilot of the YT-1300 fired and hit Kolchek's TIE Advanced once again and caused internal alarms to start singing.  Bravo Lance and Alpha Lance returned fire and watched as the larger ship spiraled out of control towards the ground as it made a hard landing.  The remaining X-Wing assessed the situation and proceeded to make a GTFO maneuver.

With the battle over the young pilots and their leader made note of the locations of the two downed ships and called in their coordinates.  Hopefully they would be captured by the ground forces before they could bug out.

All Jr. Lieutenant Kolchek could think about on the trip back to base was how he was probably going to get in trouble for losing a pilot.  But when he got back to base his Captain was pleased with his report and didn't seem concerned at all about the missing pilot.  A new TIE was given to the unit along with another new recruit.  Reports were coming in that more resistance was being met in all the quadrants, it looked as though Kolchek and his Newbz were going to see a lot more action.