Thursday, January 10, 2013

Imperial Assault Campaign Begins!

Greetings all!

I've been falling behind this week, but here's an attempt to catch up to everything.  This last week, our campaigns ended and the new schedule begins for 2013!

Why do we change schedules every six months?  Can't we get it together?

Well, the dynamics of the club are slowly changing.  We have slightly less folks at the beginning of the year since we've been ratcheting back the pandemonium on Game Day.  Now we have a more focused group, so we've changed the order of the campaign schedule for the coming year.  Well, less changed the order and more dropped some games from the main schedule.

There will be four main games on the yearly campaign schedule, and four games that are now event games.  We'll get to that in a moment...for now, lets talk about the year's first campaign:  Imperial Assault!

Last year, the hordes of Chaos attacked the planet Nydrazom in the Incendia Paeniteo subsector.  The cost was great, and the planet left a smoking ruin as the forces of chaos overtook the Imperial defenders.  The battle for the Mardannon sector is much bigger than any one world, and in this new campaign we approach the planet Caelum Subterraneous, an explorator colony in the Pandaemus subsector.  There, Chaos Space Marines have infiltrated the local populace and have raised large numbers of seditionists - more than the skitarii legion can handle.  As Imperial reinforcements make planetfall, the chaos forces move to meet them and contain the invaders until their infernal plan comes to fruition!

You can scope the campaign page here!

This is our first 6th Edition campaign, and we're going to mostly stick to the main rulebook - nothing too fancy as far as mission generation or even complex methods of keeping track of who's winning.  There are two teams, and two scores.  The battle will be given to the winning team at the end of the campaign, but the player with the highest Influence score will take home the trophy and title of Space Overlord for 2013!

Now, onto our schedule.  The new campaign schedule for 2013 will proceed as follows, with random interruption for skirmish level games.  By and large, skirmish games will be relegated to RPG time with the game they are linked to, e.g. Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle will be linked to any Middle-Earth Roleplay games we have this year.  Ditto Clan Strife and Legend of the Five Rings.
  1. Warhammer 40,000 (January, February and March)
  2. Warmachine (April, May and June)
  3. Warhammer Fantasy Battle (July, August and September)
  4. Flames of War (October, November and December)
After trying a six month model for campaigning, we've decided the three month model is far superior to promoting multiple games.  Also, instead of two campaigns at once we will be focusing on a single campaign at a time to maximize participation.

If you've elected not to game with us this season, there's always the next!  See you on Game Day!