Friday, December 14, 2012

The Death Roll

What a long haul it's been!

Over two years ago we started a trend in our gaming club that remains one of the most popular features.  It's widely known that the games we run aren't shy about putting characters in the ground, and one of the most solemn and final things we do around here involves dead characters.  Yes folks, it's time to shed light on the Death Roll.

When a player dies (for real and without any hope of resurrection), the Game Master will draw forth the Death Roll.  In this tome is inscribed the name of the slain and the date and nature of his demise.  The other players intone "DUHN-DUHN DUHHHHhhhnnnn...." and the GM, in his own hand, illuminates the text with another entry.  So, every character at the Wargate who has met their untimely demise exists within this "tomb", interred with the memory of their existence.

Now, the Death Roll is so big it requires another volume.  We will continue this tradition until we can't any longer, that is, until the Wargate itself ceases to exist.  Hopefully, that time will not come soon (and it's not even on the horizon)!

So, as the first volume of the Death Roll is closed and a new one is opened, we take a moment here on the club's blog to take a look at the entirety of the Death Roll and see what has transpired since we started this morbid tradition.  What follows is the text of the Death Roll, with what game system the character belonged to added for the clarity of our online audience.

Take a look and compare the games and their lethality.  Only once have characters entered in the Death Roll been returned to active duty, their "seeming" death overturned by the DM as he revealed they had survived...but this is the lone exception to the standing rule that once a character is commended to the Roll, he is dead.  Truly and forever.

We now take a moment, and remember the Wargate's fallen.

  1. Cephous of the Hold (Greg H.) - 08.01.2010:  Fell to Death (WFRP)
  2. Imhol of Laurelorn (Henry) - 08.01.2010:  Fell to Death (WFRP)
  3. Simon Doan (Dave) - 09.19.2010:  Shot by PC's (nWoD)
  4. R. Spencer Fleming (Dave) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  5. Wyatt "Earp" Roberts (Skim) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD) - 
  6. Ralph Wiggins (Greg H.) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  7. J.B. Anderson (Mark B.) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  8. Jay Calavero (Jaime) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  9. Randy Ball (Shawn M.) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  10. Kaliv Valdiz (Henry) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  11. Gigi Lamour (Ellen) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  12. Guisseppe Puzzo (Joe K.) - 10.24.2010:  Mass Suicide (nWoD)
  13. Able (Greg H.) - 01.02.2011:  Head Crushed By Servitor (Dark Heresy)
  14. Heinrich (Henry) - 02.27.2011:  Electric Lizard Pool (Pathfinder)
  15. Art Vandelay (Shaun A.) - 02.27.2011:  Electric Lizard Pool (Pathfinder)
  16. Chronyak (Joe K.) - 02.27.2011:  Electric Lizard Pool (Pathfinder)
  17. Harska (Greg H.) - 02.27.2011:  Electric Lizard Pool (Pathfinder)
  18. Nameless, AKA Steve French (Dave) - 02.27.2011:  Electric Lizard Pool (Pathfinder)
  19. Feulgi Devito (Josh) - 02.27.2011:  Killed by She-Wolf (Pathfinder)
  20. Sir Gregorious the Ugly (Greg H.) - 07.17.2011:  Killed by Hydra (Palladium RPG)
  21. Slurg (Shawn M.) - 10.30.2011:  Killed by Dwarf (D&D 3.0)
  22. Shartiz (Matt H.) - 10.30.2011:  Killed by Dwarf (D&D 3.0)
  23. Scarlok (Greg H.) - 11.13.2011:  Killed by PC Snurg (Dave) (D&D 3.0)
  24. Snarl the Skar (Greg H.) - 11.27.2011:  Killed by NPC Uri (D&D 3.0)
  25. Darr'sloth (Jake B.) - 11.27.2011:  Killed by Giant Spider (D&D 3.0)
  26. Snurg the Droop (Dave) - 12.04.2011:  Killed by PC Ching (Shawn M.) (D&D 3.0)
  27. Karnarth (Greg) - 12.04.2011:  Killed by PC Targ (Dave) (D&D 3.0)
  28. Targ (Dave) - 12.04.2011:  Hauled away by Mordor (D&D 3.0)
  29. Talakus (Greg) - 01.01.2012:  Killed by PC Slikk (Josh) (D&D 3.0)
  30. Blitz (Mark) - 01.01.2012:  Killed by PC Zrakh (Joe K.) (D&D 3.0)
  31. Ching (Shawn M.) - 01.01.2012:  Killed by PC Slikk (Josh) (D&D 3.0) 
  32. Skinner (Matt H.) - 01.01.2012:  Killed by PC Slikk (Josh) (D&D 3.0) 
  33. Black Lorc (Jake B.) - 01.01.2012:  Killed by PC Slikk (Josh) (D&D 3.0)
  34. Crumpwit Tumblewine (Shawn M.) - 02.26.2012:  Killed by PC Olo (Jerry) (WFRP)
  35. Amendil (Shawn M.) - 05.20.2012:  Volcano Cave In (WFRP)
  36. Jacque Chaucerez (Jake B.) - 05.20.2012:  Volcano Cave In (WFRP)
  37. Olo Buttercreme (Jerry) - 05.20.2012:  Volcano Cave In (WFRP)
  38. Stricken From Imperial Records
  39. Stricken From Imperial Records
  40. Stricken From Imperial Records
  41. Stricken From Imperial Records
  42. Ilsa Gustav (Ellen) - 05.20.2012:  Volcano Cave In (WFRP)
  43. Grudal Skorgrimsson (Henry) - 05.20.2012:  Volcano Cave In (WFRP)
  44. Exander Tul (Skim) - 05.27.2012:  Killed by Man-Feller (Pathfinder)
  45. Angbornh Ingbaran (Dave) - 05.27.2012:  Killed by Kobold King's Mistress (Pathfinder)
  46. Arjac (Dave) - 06.03.2012:  Killed by Angry Mob (Pathfinder)
  47. Bonjon Loveleaf (Jerry) - 06.03.2012:  Killed by Angry Mob (Pathfinder)
  48. Boris the Beautiful (Joe K.) - 06.03.2012:  Killed by Angry Mob (Pathfinder)
  49. Carlyle Browning (Skim) - 06.03.2012:  Killed by Angry Mob (Pathfinder)
  50. Elle McElferson (Jake B.) - 06.03.2012:  Killed by Angry Mob (Pathfinder)
  51. Bilxob Xilbor (Dave) - 07.15.2012:  Burned Alive by PC Ralmarth (Jerry) (Pathfinder)
  52. Lorcc Mac Dubh (Dave) - 09.30.2012:  Martyred to the Cause by NPC Chuin
  53. Flarnagan of Fharlanghn (Josh) - 11.18.2012:  Killed by Moathouse Bandits (AD&D 1e)
  54. Mac Olyn (Mark) - 12.02.2012:  Slain by Moathouse Zombies (AD&D 1e)
  55. Sir William (Josh) - 12.02.2012:  Slain by Moathouse Zombies (AD&D 1e)
  56. Em Cee Stubbs (Mark) 12.02.2012:  Slain by Moathouse Zombies (AD&D 1e)
  57. Mannfred Finch (Skim) 12.09.2012:  Slain by Moathouse Bugbears (AD&D 1e)
  58. Kran Stone (Shawn M.) 12.09.2012:  Slain by Moathouse Gnolls (AD&D 1e)
58 deaths in two years.  That's a little more than one death every two sessions, with some games (notably D&D and it's derivatives) being much more lethal than others.  Well, hopefully it will take two more years to fill the second volume of the Death Roll, but the current game is claiming lives quicker than any other game so far...while it might not have as many as some, it's certainly in the running for most lethal game.

Consider all that, and I'll see you on Game Day!