Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Terrain Log: Fantasy Village

Welcome to Hatesville. 
Earlier this year, the club's benefactors appropriated this awesome village from a caster in the UK.  I'm not sure what the brand name is, or if there even is one.  The caster no longer has these sets available, but they did have several sets and styles available, each one weighing in at around $220 US.  We got the one that had a lot of variety and best depicted what we thought of as a typical village.

Duplex Residence and Small Inn.
These are all made of good quality resin and are very resilient to chips from jostling.  The buildings are all made with removable roofs, and removable 2nd stories.  Best of all, they came entirely assembled and painted.  Well, part of that large price tag was shipping...but bang for buck this was a great deal compared to the alternatives we were looking at.

Church, Warehouse with Shop and Small Barn.
 The package was a great starter deal for a village in 28mm, and has served quite well over the past several months.  This was the first part of our "New Terrain" initiative that was a larger undertaking by the members of the club.  We'll be adding small doo-dads such as wells and fences and a host of other things to the village, but this collection is the basic building blocks we'll have when constructing new scenarios and placing terrain.

Residence and Large Home with Shop
 Those dark alleys make great spots to get ganked!  Keep your torch high, and remember:  when trodding the streets of Hatesville, make sure your blade is strapped close.  You never know who might rush at you from around the corner...