Monday, February 11, 2013

Greyhawk Adventures Log, Part I

The first part of our AD&D 1e campaign has passed, and the death toll is the highest one ever at the Wargate.  We mourn our passed characters, and honor them with a position in the Death Roll...but the Death Roll waxes heavy with the slain.  This leg of the journey is over, but a new log is already running!  Do not despair, adventurers - with wisdom, caution, perseverance and a strong swordarm, you'll make it to the hallowed pages of the Honor Roll! 

The Free City of Greyhawk and surrounding environs.

Common Year 579 
The time has come for heroes to step forward.  Darkness gathers in mordant places all around the Flanaess and evil demigods and demons compete for the conquest of the surface world.  In the Free City of Greyhawk, a group of adventurers have gathered, and with their steel and magic aim to rid the countryside of the mounting fear that seems to permeate the air...

Though their quest be long and perilous, the company need not fear.  Many souls like themselves are seeking those of like mind within the Free City, and though they may see their comrades perish, there will always be those willing to take up the sword or the spellbook to aid the cause of civilization.  As each peril is faced, a new and darker threat seems to loom in it's place.

The world of Oerth is filled with magic.  More than any other sphere, this world is saturated in magical power.  Many dimensional gates exist in the world, to other planes and other spheres.  Great adventure awaits those brave enough to seek it out, but the beasts and vile wizards and worse out in the world will do much to hamper your rise to power.

Beware, adventurer.  You have been warned.

Current Adventurer Roster  (DISBANDED)
  • Kay Oh Stubbs, Half Orc Fighter IV
  • Mooshue, Oeridian Cleric of Hieroneous IV
  • Ewe Gee Stubbs, Half-Orc Fighter IV
  • Kakkarakk, Valley Elf Magic-User III
  • Ulfric Broomhandle, Dwarf Fighter III
  • Long Fellow, Half Elf Ranger III

  • Flarnagan of Fharlanghn, Oeridian Cleric I
  • Mac Olyn, High Elf Magic-User I / Thief I
  • Sir William, Oeridian Paladin I
  • Em Cee Stubbs of the Billets, Half-Orc Cleric I
  • Kran Stone, Wild Elf Fighter I
  • Mannfred Finch, Suel Magic-User I
  • Aladrin Granthorn, High Elf Fighter I / Thief I
  • Deon Talar, Wild Elf Assassin I
  • Dee Emm Stubbs, Half-Orc Fighter I
  • Hambone, Wild Elf Fighter IV
  • Bizak of the Cairns, Wild Elf Thief IV
  • Lightfoot, Grey Elf Wizard III
  • Ziggypopp, Gnome Fighter III
  • Asheron, Grey Elf Wizard III / Cleric of Boccob III
  • Fullen Rapier, Oeridian Thief IV
  • Zan Za Bar, Gnome Thief III / Illusionist II
  • Ruros Ralpar, Wild Elf Fighter IV
  • Ganth Ralpar, Wild Elf Fighter IV

Adventure Log  
Total Time57.5 hrs  (2.3.13)

The temple grounds.

  1. The Village of Hommlett (11.11.12 through 12.16.12) Total Time: 27.5 hrs - The characters begin their first steps into the world of Oerth.  For some, it is a welcome return to be in the Free City.  For others, they have only just begun to explore this exciting world.  After equipping themselves and making a fellowship, they set out after rumors of bandits...
    • The party arrives in the village of Hommlett, intent on glory.  After speaking with Jaroo, the Druid of the Grove, the party sets off for the Moathouse.  There, they encounter several large and dangerous creatures before the return to Hommlett to rest and prepare. (5 hrs)
    • Returning to the Moathouse, the party finds a group of bandits holed up there.  Though Flarnagan of Fharlanghn lost his life there amidst the knaves and their long knives, the group won through.  After searching most of the upper level, they withdraw back to the village to seek aid... (3 hrs)
    • The party once again returns to the moathouse after a few days spent preparing in the village.  However, giant lizards and green slime conspired to keep the party still on the upper level. Zert joins the group to help guard the treasure cart, and does a fantastic job.  Other personages are met in the village, and the party begins to get a feel for the land around the Kron Hills. (3 hrs)
    • Once again, to the moathouse.  This time there was shenanigans involving zombies and green slime, but ultimately the party retreated after Mac Olyn was mauled by them.  In town, Em Cee Stubbs arrived seeking his cousin and the party returned to the dungeon.  There, they were mauled again by the zombies in the dungeon, and Sir William and Em Cee Stubbs were lost.  Mannfred, Zert, Furnok and Elmo returned to the Inn of the Welcome Wench, where Furnok and Elmo told the wizard they had no more interest in adventuring, as close to death as they had been that day. (4 hrs)
    • After spending a few days recovering at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, the party set about recruiting new warriors.  A few travelers passing through agreed to join the group to explore the dungeon under the moathouse, and curiously a larger number of elves have begun to congregate at Hommlett.  Once prepared, the party entered the dungeon again...only to see the deaths of Mannfred and Kran Stone at the hands of bugbears and gnolls.  Dee Em Stubbs gave the order to retreat, and the party returned to the village of Hommlett - though Zert had deserted them at the moathouse.  The elves around the Inn made their presence known, and joined the party to return once again to the dungeon.  This time, they made considerable headway into the dungeon, and have just found a hidden cave and pool of water... (6.5 hrs)
    • The dungeons of the moathouse prove truly deadly as our adventurers explore the depths and brave the monsters found within.  Bugbears hide in the shadows, and guards adorned with the Elemental Eye patrol the halls near the secret surface entrance.  After thoroughly exploring the winding and bleak corridors of this dilapidated abode of evil, the party engaged Lareth the Beautiful in the small corridors leading to the hidden entrance.  The battle was short and deadly, with Dee Em Stubbs, Deon Talar and Aladrin Granthorn meeting their fates at the hands of Lareth and his guards.  After escaping to Hommlett, the characters retreat to Greyhawk City to spend the next six months readying themselves to return to the area of the temple and begin to uncover it's secrets.  (6 hrs)
  2. The Dungeons of Elemental Evil (12.23.12 through 2.3.13) Total Time30.5 hrs - The characters arrive in Nulb along the Imeryd's Run.  There they spend the night after cursorily poking around the dingy city, then waste no time in making way to the temple itself!
    • The characters reconnoiter the temple proper, and after some action with the front doors they force one open and investigate inside.  After exploring most of the temple's upper level, they descend into a round well, where they find a secret door leading into a bone filled corridor.  Of course, the wicked undead rise up to kill them, and the characters frantically try to escape while Asheron channeled waves of holy energy to turn the horde.  However, the players disturbed the lairs of several ogres, and when the blood is finished flowing they take a moment to breathe... (3.5 hrs)
    • The players return to a few moments after the last battle, and quickly realize the dungeon is crawling with monsters. Unable to rest inside due to the activity, the characters realize they must withdraw to rendezvous with more of their party, now in Nulb.  After narrowly escaping a horde of guards and losing Hambone Ralpar to a surprise attack by a shadowing bugbear, the players arrive in Nulb and attempt to squat in a run down shack.  They are soon confronted by the angry landowner and a horde of mercenaries just after they broke open their spoils.  A short fight later sees Zert (now a captain of the mercenaries) dead and the players fleeing Nulb for the relative safety of Hommlett. (3.5 hrs)
    • Bizak had separated from the party earlier, and waited patiently in the Boatman's Tavern in Nulb for the party to return, however...they had the altercation with the mercenaries earlier.  Elf-hating citizens quickly chased him away, and as he tried to hide in the empty houses on the edge of town nearly cornered him.  He fled into the woods toward the temple, hoping to meet the party there - but they remained in Hommlett for a week.  That night, Bizak crept into the ruined building in the woods behind the temple...and was never heard from again.  The larger section of the party finally returned to the temple with two new members, Lightfoot and Ziggypopp, who met their ends at the bottom of the well when an undead monstrosity froze the life out of them.  The brothers Ralpar returned to Hommlett very quickly. (3.5 hrs)
    • Moving quickly, the brothers reunite with Asheron the Cleric, who introduces them to Kayo Stubbs...another lost cousin to those that had come before.  When two traveling warriors of Hieroneous appear in the tavern, the two groups quickly find common ground when Asheron relates the story of the Temple of Elemental Evil.  The party descends into the temple again, this time encountering groups of ghouls and ghasts which ends in Asheron's death.  The party continues exploring to a portion of the second level where they encounter the Troll Chief Oolgrith, and slay his followers but please him with gifts of a baublish nature.  As they make their way to leave the temple, the party is ambushed by warriors whom they take to be from the village of Nulb, but drive them off easily.  The session ends with the party befriending Kakkarakk and Fullen at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, and also with Asheron's dead body becoming a ghoul and being turned by Mooshue, whereupon the living corpse fled swiftly away into the night... (5.5 hrs)
    • The party quickly returned to the dungeon to further their explorations after recruiting as many new adventurers as they could find.  Their party swells, but Anton Holy Sword senses the bent of the party and departs.  Within the dungeon, the adventurers make short work of the Hydra and it's Troll Keeper, and push into the dungeon to find several bugbears and even a fully fledged cleric of Elemental Evil.  Soon after that, they return to Hommlett with their spoils and flaunt the fact they raided the Temple.  Soon after that, Fullen Rapier disappears...never to be seen again!(5.5 hrs)
    • The party rests in Hommlett as members come and go, and they are joined by Ulfric Broomhandle, a dwarven halberdier of Sterich.  After hearing their tale, the noble warrior agrees to join them in search of adventure.  However, on the morning, the adventurers are summoned to the town hall by Burne.  There, they meet with Terjon, Jaroo, Burne and Rufus and they have a short chat about bringing ghouls into town.  The protectors of Hommlett give the brothers Ralpar their blessing, and decide to alert the authorities in Dyvers and Veluna.  The adventurers head towards Nulb, where they meet Hruda and Mother Screng, who gives them shelter for the evening after hearing their tale.  The party descends into the dungeon, where a hair raising battle in a gnoll trap claims the life of the gnome Zan Za Bar.  The adventurers return, wounded, to Nulb...where they take up at the Waterside Hostel. (5 hrs)
    • The party encounters the Stubbs, who have been carousing in Nulb.  A half elf named Long Fellow joined the group, and they ventured the next day (the first day of Coldeven) back to the Temple.  After cornering and slaughtering many temple guards, they spare one when he answers some questions concerning the evil priests and their treasure.  He directed them north, to the Earth Temple.  There, they found a swarm of elementals around a strange pyramid of dirt.  The entire group attacked the elementals en masse, but retreated when one of the behemoths killed Ruros and Ganth Ralpar and nearly killed Ewe Gee Stubbs.  Once back in the village, the remaining memers of the group hold a quick meeting.  After realizing they don't have much stake in the area or in their companions, they elect to depart their separate ways.  The party is disbanded.  (4 hrs)