Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Imperial Crackdown Log and Finals!!

Imperial Crackdown

2012 Necromunda Campaign

The Capital of Lucruzu Primus, Domagoshch.

Lucruzu Primus, Vae Salubrious Subsector

Though it is the seat of much unrest in the past few years, Lucruzu Primus remains one of the more productive worlds in the sector.  It's relatively idyllic vistas have recently been marred by rioting, pogroms and an almost full scale revolt.  The planet is recovering from a recent power struggle, and it is imperative that Lucruzu Primus continue to function as the trade hub for the sector that it has grown to be.

Recently havnig tithed a large amount of men and equipment, the Merchant Guilds have asked that nearby forces of the Mardannon Crusade contribute to maintaining the peace.  An attempt was made during the moving of men and equipment to undermine and usurp the rule of the Merchant House Semetov.  However, agents of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition were at work to maintain the status quo, and the government of the planet remains mostly intact.  However, there are much fewer soldiers to police the entirety of the populated zones.

In the rest of the subsector, wars encroach on many other worlds.  The Crusade is needed elsewhere, but control of Lucruzu Primus (and Domagoshch in particular) is critical.  Though Lucruzu avoided full-scale war, heretic uprisings on nearby Vae Salubrious itself have weakened the morale and sapped the vitality of the Imperial citizenry. Now, the Imperial Navy and other fighting elements have seen fit to use Lucruzu as a staging ground for the Crusade.

A heroic push of men and machines will roll out of Lucruzu soon.  The battlefleet in orbit grows to an impressive size, and more fighting forces arrive in system even now.  The Imperium sees this as an opportunity to show the people of Lucruzu Primus they are watched over by a benevolent Emperor, and plans are drawn up to send military units to the surface to aid in the suppression of non-conformist elements. The Imperium is cracking down on seditionists, heretics, and foul people of all kinds.

The Guild Authority has been fully mobilized.  The merchant houses of Lucruzu move to protect their domains, but a little confusion is always on hand.  As 'peacekeeping' forces from the crusade move onto the planet, there are bound to be some losses as various factions attempt to accomplish their own missions.  The Administratum has estimated that casualties from planetside operations will be within acceptable bounds, much less than if a full-scale rebellion broke out.

It's time to save some souls and uphold the laws of the Emperor!

The view of Domagoshch is...grey.

Campaign Rules

This year's Necromunda campaign will utilize the rules and scenarios from the basic rulebook.  The main difference this season with how we've been running our campaigns is that we are removing the 'set game' limit.  Therefore, you no longer have to appoint games against various club members, but rather it will be a more freeform, open-ended campaign.

Here's how it works.  Gangs will fight as normal, and you're not allowed to play the same player more than twice in a row as in the rulebook.  However, scoring is a little more complicated than just Gang Rating.

Wins, Losses and Draws will be compared to create an Influence Score.  The greatest number of battles among the players will be our Battle Magnitude, and represents the faction's committal to the campaign.  For each battle a player is behind, he suffers a cumulative -5% penalty to his influence score.  Your adjusted Campaign Score is equal to your adjusted Influence multiplied by your Gang Rating.

Highest adjusted Campaign Score at the end of the campaign wins!  The game will run from July 1st to October 1st, 2012!  Get as many games as you can, that's the only way to ensure a win!

Currently Active Units
  1. Precinct 69 (Enforcers)
  2. Lumisi Interdiction Team (House Orlock)
  3. House Semetov (Unknown House)
  4. Red Redemption (Redemptionists)
  5. Band of Basterds (House Orlock)
  6. Abu Dabis (Ash Wastes Nomads)
  7. The Dingoes (Ratskin Renegades)

Campaign Updates

  1. The campaign has begun!
  2. 8.19.2012 - After a month of brewing hostilities, House Semetov moves against what it sees as insurgents in a military action.
  3. 9.21.2012 - Three weeks on hard fighting sees House Semetov in near complete control of Domagoshch.
  4. 10/1/2012 - The campaign is over!  House Semetov is victorious, but the wasteland nomads calling themselves the Abu Dabis are a close second...

It's only about five weeks late, but we have to put up the record!

We've had a short hiatus, but that doesn't mean we've been inactive.  In fact, my House Semetov gang won this year's Necromunda campaign, though competition was stiff and time constrained.  The club finally awarded me the prize...this campaign is the first one where we award a single title!

Captain Video awards Dave Bone the title of Boss Tough Guy.
Now,  our campaigns will actually have champions!  For 9 months between each game's time slots, the winner of the previous year's campaign will be known by a title, which they will have to defend in the next campaign from the ground up!  For Necromunda, the reigning champion will be called Boss Tough Guy.  This year...I am that tough guy!

Next July, I'll have to fight to retain that title...and no doubt the competition will be stiffer and the blood will be pumping hard in the hate-filled hearts of my enemies.  Just look at the expression on the good Captain's face as he hands me that title...

Many thanks to the awesome club!  Thanks for the title, and rest assured I'm going to keep it as long as I can!

Kobach Semetov surveyed the buildings where he believed the wasteland nomads to be hiding.  The crazed terror-mongers had been striking at the government supply lines, but Imperial control had returned to Domogoshch and was quickly spreading all over Lucruzu Prime.  Now, the Crusade's real push could begin, into the galactic south...

He thought about what it would be like to join the Guard on the crusade...briefly.  Honestly, the Lumisi soldiers that were supposed to be aiding with the interdiction didn't seem to be up to the job.  Kobach wondered briefly what sort of training passed the bar for the Guard, but he knew their hearts were in the right place.  Even if they had to kill a few of them to get the point across - Lucruzu belonged to House Semetov.

Right then and there he resolved to visit the stars on his own terms.  A few of the men who had been in his home defense units had been talking about taking a pilgrimage.  It wouldn't take much for him to arrange passage on one of the Ecclesiarchy vessels that accompanied the Crusade, and from there...they could go anywhere.  Perhaps they could visit Vae Salubrious, and pray at the very Shrine of Mardannon.

His comm crackled to life, and he heard a familiar voice in an unfamiliar way.

"Kobach?  Kobach Semetov?"

He winced.  He knew that voice...but what was it doing on the House Guard's sealed vox-network?

"Castella?"  he asked his cousin incredulously.

"Yes Kobach, it's me.  I'm at the field house."  Castella Balka's voice was quite welcome, and suddenly he knew something must be wrong.

"What's the problem?" he asked brusquely.  Even though he hadn't spoken to her directly since this all began, House Balka's guard were underequipped to handle the low tech nomads that poured into the city of the last few months.  He knew he was about to receive new orders.

"No problem at all.  You've done a fantastic job, but I wish to speak to you directly."  she spoke, evenly and commandingly as always.

"I'll be there in twenty microts.  What's this about?"  he barked into the field vox.  Highly irregular, he thought.

"It's about the crusade..." Castella began, "I have someone here I want you to meet."

"Kobach Semetov."  another voice came on the vox, this one was male, and obviously used to giving orders.  

"Affirmative, you speak with the commander of the House Guard.  Who is this?"  Kobach demanded, his patience wearing thin.  He had no time for Castella's flings with noblemen who thought playing at soldiers was fun.

"My name is Brown.  I represent the highest authority."  the voice intoned, slowly enunciating the last three words.  "You know what that means."

Kobach blanched.  He knew well what that phrase meant, though not everyone in the Imperium would have.  A meeting with a representative of the Inquisition?

"I'll be there in ten microts." Kobach stated to the vox, and turned to signal his driver to mount the rover.  The day just got a lot more interesting...