Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heroes of the Sword Coast (Session 7)

This session was orignally recorded 3/8/2015.

From the Journal of Lydia the Halfling


After defeating the dragon, we decide to go to our home and rest for the night before we head to the Cragmaw Keep.  On our way, we stop at Neverwinter.  After purchasing several supplies and other things, we head back to our houses to stay the night.  

The next day we head to Cragmaw Keep and reach the outer walls of the keep at nightfall.  We just walk up to the door and attempt to go in.

As soon as we enter, a goblin attacks us.  We make an unsuccessful attempt to drag it outside and keep it quiet.  Soon after that, we find ourselves fighting with a whole horde of other goblins inside the keep.  Half the goblins are killed and three of them put to sleep.

Just then we hear another group run up outside.  

The half-orc shouts at them "Stop!  We've killed all your friends!" but they pay no heed.

After a short fight with the goblins outside, we manage to capture two of the them.

So, now we have two hobgoblins and three goblins tied up.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Introduction to Miniature Painting, Lesson 5

Lesson 5 - Detailing I

After finishing the basecoat and drybrush on our Goblin Archers, it was time to start showing techniques for bringing out the details of the models.  Keeping it simple should be a priority if you're just beginning, and these models had just enough detail to get done in one session as a group.  Using some contrasting colors and very small brushes, we put our flow control skills to use on a much smaller area to finish off this outstanding set.

Won't you take me to ... Goblin Town?

Your mix of water to paint will normally be less water as you do details, as you don't want the color to run anywhere except where you're putting it.  Be very mindful of the amount of water your brush is retaining going into the detailing stage, as even a small amount can be too much and cause all sorts of havoc to your carefully rendered base colors and highlights.  After finishing each application of a color or finishing an intricate detail using multiple colors, fix the mistakes and move on to the next stage.

Eyes are hard, but you should do those first.  If you make any mistakes, you can reapply the base color and drybrush after the eye has been painted, carefully concealing your mistake and "locking in" the eye behind the highlights of the face.  Don't worry too much about mistakes at this stage though, as it's very easily fixed once the paint dries.

Claws are easy.  A swipe of paint and you're done.  Fixing an overbrush mistake is as easy as letting paint run into the grooves of the fingers.  Same for the teeth, which we did with one color here as this lesson was focused on application technique rather than artform blending.

There was a few other details to bring out, such as the fletching on the bows.  Overall, they turned out fantastic and the class did a bang-up job all around.  We'll have an update on this set very soon, with a complete color guide to the finished know, in case we want to do it again.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Heroes of the Sword Coast (Session 6)

This session was orignally recorded 2/22/2015.

From the Journal of Lydia the Halfling


Back in the town of Phandalin, Zinge decides to go find the things required to summon his familiar and the rest of us go to stay at the inn.


The next day we head out toward Neverwinter.  The first day of travel is uneventful.  We make camp for the night and on the thrid watch, Boris is attacked by stirges.

We are all awoken by a scream and wake to see Boris (as a bear) trying to fight off the monsters.


We killed the stirge and then go back to sleep.  The next day, we go on traveling toward Neverwinter.  The day again is uneventful.  During the night, on the very first watch, Grimeley the half-orc hears a couple of orcs talking to each other.  He quietly woke the party.  Zinge uses telepathy with his owl familiar and is able to see that there are three humanoid creatures near us.


Grimeley is hit by a javelin that flew out of the woods toward him.  The orcs appear from out of the woods.  We manage to kill two of the orcs.  Then half the party takes off after the last one.  As they finish him, we go through the belongings that are on the orcs and take the rations they have.  

We continue to a place that had a sign that reads:  "Warning:  Zombies and Plant Monsters".

The dragon men decide to play music to attract the attention of whoever is in the town.  A druid runs out and tells us to stop.  he tries to get us to leave, but we manage to get  him to tell us about a dragon he needs help with.  He also writes down the directions to Cragmaw Keep.

We go to get rid of the dragon.  Upon a hill, we see a tower.  After checking inside to see the dragon, we decide to space out.  Then the dragon-men begin to make their terrible  throat-singing / didgeridoo music.

The dragon flies up out of the top of the tower.  As he flies above, Zinge uses his owl to attack the dragon.  Angry and confused, the dragon manages to grab the owl and bite off it's head.

Betsy manages to climb the tower just in time to see the dragon fly upward and begin to circle to see who is there disturbing and attracting him.  Meanwhile, Grimeley and I dive into the tower.  We move the dragon's treasure and attempt to hide it.

I set up a ringing bell on a string at a distance and start to try and lure the dragon into the tower again.  After breathing acid on Betsy, and trying to capture the sorcerer the dragon is finally convinced there is someone inside that he needs to go after.  The dragon runs around the tower and jumps on the roof of the cottage that is attached to it.  It begins to try and claw through the roof.


We all try and fight the dragon off while it tries to get inside.  

After it takes too many hits to the face, it decides to take off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can You Feel the Hand...of the Empire?

It's finally time!

Star Wars has arrived, and with it has come all sorts of awesomeness.  This season, we present a nested campaign for the Galactic Civil War.  Star Wars Roleplaying Game D20 Revised forms the RPG basis for our campaign, but with X-Wing and our own new miniature battle game system thrown in there's going to be plenty of interplanetary mayhem to keep us occupied!  We've been looking forward to this for a while...and now that we've had the season opener, let me tell you - the club is jazzed up and having a blast already.

We're going to be developing the Wargate Battle Game (presently untitled) to do a lot of different things.  There is a basic ruleset that covers both skirmish and company level battles within an easy rules system.  We're going to run this through it's paces with what we're tentatively calling "realms" - and the first one to go full bore is Star Wars Uprising!  More on this to come, and we'll happily provide the text for our fans to use in their own games as it's developed.

Two new campaign sections have been added, one for the RPG and one for the nested battles.  We're planning on a lot of these type campaigns in the near future, and we're settling into the galaxy far, far away pretty hard.  I can already tell we're going to spend a lot of time on the hyperlanes, whisking to the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim and back again.

Just watch out.  Maybe there's no one named Solo or Skywalker around to help our heroes...but someone named Fett has been helping the Imperials hunt down the rogues near Roon.  On Game Day, we'll be eager to see what happens to this rather dashing looking fellow...