Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update: Decos' Wretched Plight (Session 2)

In Through the Out Door

The inner door erupts as the looters run out of the burning, collapsing outpost.  A flurry of missed blows later, several of the party are incapacitated - but the roof crushes in on the party's foes, finishing them off and preventing pursuit.

The party staggers out to the horse and cart, and begin to collect themselves.  They stand guard through the night, and in the morning examine the burnt-out ruin.  Satisfied with what little they could scrounge from the looter's hideout, they take their three living prisoners back to Arbora.

Tabotaku the Wizard offers to examine the trinkets brought back from the tower, and Decos is happy to have a certain sword back.  The party convalesces for a week, before agreeing to meet with Decos once again to discuss the terms for the northmen's continued employment.

It seems that getting rid of the looters was only the first step of a larger design on the part of the old boy.  Oh, it was all for the public good or whatever - but the townsfolk immediately sent miners into the old ruin and started excavating beneath it.  A network of tunnels exists under the old Thyatian watchtower...and Decos is very interested in getting into it.

The northmen are impassive.  They will destroy the enemies of these folk.  They will show them the ways of Odin.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Update: The Face of Mystara, Part II (Session 2)

From Left to Right

The party, faced with the jaws of so many dragons on the Isle of Dread, elect to seek brighter fortunes elsewhere.  The Drake sets sail for Thyatis City, where they arrive in 15 days with no misfortune.  Everyone is surprised.

Over the next several days, each member of the party searches their soul for the strength to fight the existential dread.  They seek a new job, as they believe their group is powerful enough to brave new perils.  Yet what night brings is much more bizarre...

An entity calling himself The Warlock Charlie Sheen appeared in their dreams, and showed them a vision of what might be the future.  The heroes all stood in the mightiest of positions, and great power for change was theirs.  War seemed to be coming...war in the north.

After all having the same dream, they agree it's pretty weird.  Some of the party was able to figure out the nature of the spell, but not of it's creator...who only seemed human.  The companions begin to suss out a real plan, emboldened by the surety and reality of their shared vision.

Grus Tokerfield is a wealthy landowner in Thyatis City.  He has contracted the party and their ship to hunt down Captain Kronk and his pirate vessel, The Sea Heifer.  Aboard that blighted ship, Tokerfield claims, the party will find a silver, rune engraved box.  They are to return to box to Tokerfield clandestinely at his estate, whereupon 2000gp in gems will be paid to the party.  In addition, the Thyatians want Kronk...and have placed a 700gp bounty on his head.

Dead or alive.

Tokerfield divulges information on Kronk's next port-of-call:  North Island, in Minrothad.  The Sea Heifer and her crew of scum will be there in four to five days.  If they can make it, taking the pirate vessel at their secret base could be a powerful coup for the party's prosperity.  However, pirates are the least of their concern near the islands of Minrothad...

Update: Decos' Wretched Plight (Session 1)

Obligatory Exposition

From the land of the ice and snow, the rugged northlands, come our heroic adventurers.  The group of six have made their way here to the southlands to aid the soft folk of this land by crushing skulls and invoking the Immortals of the north.  Consisting mostly of native Vestlanders, the group also has a few strange foreign wizards in it's midst.

Now, in Kerendas, the party is hired by the small town of Arbora to deal with some pesky looters that have taken up residence in an abandoned Thyatian outpost nearby.  Unconcerned with the specifics on the 'whys', Herek Uthbar asks about the 'hows' - specifically, how the town would prefer delivery of proof of death or capture.  Heads?  Ears?  Corpses?  Taken aback at the sheer confidence displayed by the northmen, the townsfolk don't ask for heads.

Calmly explaining they would need a horse and cart, some leather and hay, the warriors wasted no time in taking the fight to their quarry's  home. A short time later, they had cut cords of the leather and bound bundles of hay.  The purpose?  Arson, of course.

A few burning men, prisoners taken and skulls crushed later, the party's fire has been doused.  They have entered the ruined keep, making a mess of the guards in the entryway.  Now, they stand ready to breach the inner door and find the rest of the looters...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update: The Face of Mystara, Part II (Session 1)

From the Journal of Methra the Magus:

After the ship was destroyed by the Kraken, the survivors crammed into the only remaining dinghy.  The last remaining lifeboat had sprung a leak, and Todd the Fighter swiftly began to bail the water out.  The situation appears rather bleak.


The halfling Wickwar Davis and the Magic-User Blanith for the Mind were sailing for the mainland.  Landing in Specularum to sell some spices, art work and other items they had managed to hold on to from the Isle of Dread.  They trusted these sales to Captain Barlowe's discretion, and took two weeks to rest at the Serpent's Tongue Inn.  Remembering the specialists they left behind on the Isle, they took to posting "Help Wanted" signs to recruit adventurers to help rescue them.

Back in the Ocean:

The survivors of the shipwreck were picked up by Thyatian sailors.  Utho the Fighter gratefully tipped the sailors ten gold coins.  The Thyatians took the small party to the nearest port, Specularum.  Seeing the "Help Wanted" signs on the local inn (The Serpent's Tongue) the small party inquires about the job.  The promise of a sign-on bonus caught the attention of Utho the Lawful.  The new party listened to the halfling's and Blanith's story about their old party group and the specialists they had brought to help colonize the isle.

A village to rescue and the promise of deep pockets made the newcomers eager to ship off with Blanith and Wickwar.  The halfling and mage gave the new group sixty gold each for agreeing to their adventure.  The two week trip to the island involved one big storm.  As they approached the island, an ominous ash cloud hung over the volcano.

Approaching the place where the village of Tanaroa used to stand, the adventurers could see nothing but ash.  The party decided to explore more of the island to try to find the villagers, and something stirred beneath the ash before they were able to leave.  Charred zombies circled the village, stirred by the noise of the party or a thirst for blood.  The adventurers did not stick around to find out.

In Mora, the villagers came to greet the party.  They told of a serpent who spit fire and destroyed villages, people and the island.  They said the serpent was a warning to not go north beyond Tanaroa's wall.  

Going back to the burned village, they saw several marks in the ash blanket where the zombies emerged.  In the wreckage of the half-built boathouse, they found a burned guild insignia.  The party suspects the worst...

From the Journal of Alexandria Postoak:

Blanith and Wickwar go to Specularum.  They decide to stay for two weeks in the Serpent's Tongue Inn.  They have paid the captain to sell all the stuff the got from the island of Dread.

Wickwar has decided to look for maps, and Blanith spends all his time in the inn waiting and listening to rumors.  They have decided to put out flyers to find people to adventure with them.

The group talks to decide whether or not they want to go on this adventure.  Blanith and Wickwar decide that they are going to give each person in the party a full share of the treasure found.  Wickwar says that he wants to save the people that are on the island.


A group of four fighters, a cleric and a magic-user paddle a small life boat through the ocean, bailing water as they go.  They are picked up by a Thyatian vessel and then dropped off at the nearest port.  Utho is looking for bounties and happens to notice the flyer and brings it to the group.  The group finds Blanith and Wickwar to accept the offer and apply for the job.


The boat arrives at the island after two weeks at sea in storms.  The island is dark with clouds of smoke from the volcano.  Blanith and Wickwar are surprised to find that the village of Tanaroa is burned and nothing but ash.  The group decides to leave the village, then zombies start to rise up out of the ash.


The group reboards the ship and goes to Mora.  The people of Mora say that a lizard came to burn the village asa  warning to not come to the north.  The village says the the sky serpents fly over normally, but the red dragon is the only one that has ever threatened them.


The group gets back on the ship and goes back to Tanaroa.  There are a lot of places where you can tell that zombies rose up from the ashes, but the zombies are gone.  


The group searches for the guild people, but all the find is a badly burned guilder insignia.  Blanith and Wickwar decide to give up the search for the people they came to look for.  Oliver prays for the dead.  They can see the grave pyramid is the only that that is not charred, so they go to investigate.


The group deates the next plan.  They go north to look for survivors.